Project 01/23

De Nieuwe Defensie

Utrecht, the Netherlands

About De Nieuwe Defensie

BPD is developing De Nieuwe Defensie, a new urban district with 800-950 homes, ranging from apartments and single-family dwellings to penthouses and livework properties, all within a stone's throw of Utrecht's city centre. De Nieuwe Defensie will be a green and healthy neighbourhood in which to live: there will be a park alongside the Merwedekanaal, and green roads and gardens within the development. Another feature will be a skywalk, a semi-public roof garden on top of the fifth floor. As the district is designed to be a low-traffic area, there will be plenty of room for cyclists and pedestrians. The development will include housing for everyone: social housing, mid-priced rental homes from BPD Woningfonds, and affordable and free-sector owner-occupied properties. The Merwedekanaalzone will also feature cafés and restaurants, shops and businesses, primary schools with childcare facilities, and a secondary school. Completion of the district as a whole is planned for 2027.

De Nieuwe Defensie in numbers

social houses
houses in total in Merwedekanaalzone
minutes away from the city centre of Utrecht
De Nieuwe Defensie 31193 Ext 21 V2.0
De Nieuwe Defensie 31193 Ext 17
De Nieuwe Defensie 31193 Ext 15
De Nieuwe Defensie 31193 Ext 06
De Nieuwe Defensie 31193 Ext 13

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