BPD Woningfonds was founded by Rabobank and BPD at the end of 2019. It is a unique housing fund in the Netherlands that consists entirely of sustainable and affordable new-build rental homes intended for middle-income households. These rental apartments and single-family homes are added to the fund by area developer BPD and will remain available as mid-priced rentals for many years. BPD Woningfonds is well on the way to achieve its target of renting out 15,000 mid-priced homes by 2030.

BPD nieuwbouw voor starters

Upward movement

Increasing the number of affordable rental homes for middle-income households is structurally necessary to facilitate people moving up in the housing market, allowing others to live in affordable housing, where and how they want, in or outside the city or in the suburbs. With the founding of BPD Woningfonds, we actively contribute to the ambitions of municipalities and housing associations to give more people access to affordable housing. As BPD, we remain involved as a long-term partner in the (continued) development of thriving living environments.

BPD nieuwbouw voor emptynesters
Starters, families and the elderly

BPD Woningfonds’ rental homes are intended for middle-income households (one to two times the average income). Examples include starters in the housing market, families and independent elderly (households consisting of one or two persons), possibly with a slight reliance on care. The housing fund only contains 100% energy-efficient, sustainable new-build homes. These homes meet the highest sustainability requirements of our time. Depending on the location in the Netherlands, the rent for the most part ranges between € 900 and € 1,100 per month.

This will create some breathing space on the housing market
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BPD nieuwbouw voor senioren
Rabobank and BPD: Experienced partners

This fund has been made possible by a unique collaboration between Rabobank and BPD. The new-build rental homes are being developed by BPD in attractive residential areas in urban areas throughout the Netherlands. Rabobank is the financing partner behind BPD Woningfonds. It is in both our DNA to actively contribute to local housing challenges. We believe that assisting municipalities and housing associations in creating diverse residential areas, making their housing stock more sustainable, serving the middle segment with affordable homes and promoting the upward movement in the housing market are textbook examples of this.

As a cooperative bank, Rabobank is continuously looking for ways to contribute to solving social issues. The housing issue has been high on the agenda in terms of scope, necessary supply and sustainability for years. This significant investment in affordable rental homes also fits well within Rabobank’s mission of working together for a better world. BPD, founded in 1946, at the time still operating under the name of Bouwspaarkas Drentsche Gemeenten and later on Bouwfonds, has been responsible for the construction of more than 384,000 homes to date. Today, more than one million people live in residential areas created by BPD.