Project 11/23

Slachthuis District

Haarlem, the Netherlands

About Slachthuis District

Over the coming years, the historical Slachthuis District in Haarlem-Oost will be transformed into a new living and working area with a total of 166 sustainable homes, ranging from social housing to large family dwellings. Slachthuis District will be a multi-purpose development, combining residence with work, catering establishments and cultural amenities. Plenty of consideration is being given to green areas, sustainable energy and water storage. People living in the district are closely involved in the project.

Slachthuis District in numbers

7,000 m2
historical heritage will be preserved
minutes away from Amsterdam
school of pop
180927 ZUS Slachthuis Haarlem STADTSKANT
Slachthuis 30577 Ext 07
Slachthuis 30577 Ext 12

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