Project 02/23

Bumerang & Wohnen Am Park

Mannheim, Germany

About Bumerang & Wohnen Am Park

In the north-east of Mannheim, BPD is developing the Bumerang urban commercial and apartment complex and the Am Park building. The buildings are being constructed using wood and concrete, ensuring that the process is both affordable and sustainable. Seeds for a mix of bee-friendly flowers will be sown on the roofs of the buildings, which will also be fitted with solar panels. There will be a communal garden with opportunities for urban gardening too. Completion is planned for 2023.

Bumerang & Wohnen Am Park in numbers

owner-occupied homes including 2 work-life units
circa 3,877
plot area
commercial space units
wooden hybrid construction
Mannheim Bumerang
Spinelli Wohnen Am Park Ansicht 1
Spinelli Wohnen Am Park Ansicht 2

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