About BPD

BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) is the largest area and project developer in The Netherlands and Germany. Since the company was founded in 1946, BPD has made the construction of more than 380.000 homes possible. We are proud to be able to say that today more than one million people live in residential areas bearing our clear signature. In 2019 BPD established ‘BPD Woningfonds’, a residential fund consisting entirely of sustainable and affordable new-build mid-priced rental properties for middle-income households in the Netherlands. We work in line with the social principle of everyone being entitled to a good home situated in a pleasant living environment. And we will continue to take this approach, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy their residential surroundings.

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Our purpose

We have been providing pleasant places to live since 1946. And we keep housing affordable for everyone. We consider that our social responsibility. We are proud of it. Every day we are committed to create sustainable, affordable, inclusive living environments. In every region. For every resident. 

We also want to live up to our great social responsibility in the coming years. And we can. Thanks to our strong financial position, we can respond quickly to housing needs. And it gives us patience, which means that we endure long processes associated with area development. Together with our partners, we provide a home for everyone.

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Our approach

BPD develops areas and districts where people can lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. These are vibrant areas: they are easily accessible by bicycle, car and/or public transport and designed for different target groups, offering affordable and sustainable homes. It is BPD's ambition to create high-quality residential environments, in city centres as well as on their outskirts and in non-urban areas. This ambition can only be realised if we develop fully serviced areas, in which the social mission, the common interest and individual housing requirements come together. Together with our partners, we always seek to strike a balance between all individual interests in order to achieve the best overall result. Given today's fixed and complex building landscape, we believe that our integrated approach offers the best opportunities for the successful development of cities and areas.

Our organisation

BPD has more than 770 employees and works from more than 20 offices in the Netherlands and Germany. The international and Dutch head office is located in Amsterdam, the German head office is located in Frankfurt. We deliberately do not work from one office, but are strongly represented in all regions and active in almost all municipalities. As a result, we understand local needs and challenges like no other. Our company is centrally managed by the Managing Board. Policy and decisions are implemented regionally by the Dutch and German management teams.

Managing Board

Walter de Boer OUD
Walter de Boer
Gea Voorhorst OUD
Gea Voorhorst