Project 12/23

Fleur de Berlin

Berlin-Wittenau, Germany

About Fleur de Berlin

BPD is developing the new Fleur de Berlin residential area in the Witternar district of the city. The dwellings are grouped in five buildings that surround an enclosed park-like garden. The development will total 333 dwellings: 92 public-sector rental homes and 241 owner-occupied homes, along with a day nursery and other amenities. Building work started in 2019 with completion from 2021 onwards.

Fleur de Berlin in numbers

buildings with 333 homes in total
owner-occupied homes
rental apartments, including 30 units with socially acceptable rents
underground parking spaces
3.CIFO Aussenansciht 3 Final 170918
18.CIFO Vogelperpektive 2 Final 170918
17.CIFO Vogelperpektive 1 Final 170918

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