Harm Janssen appointed new CEO of BPD

From 1 December this year (2023), Harm Janssen (49) will take on the roles of CEO and chairman of the board at BPD Europe B.V. from Walter de Boer, who recently announced he would be leaving BPD after more than 32 years of service. Mr Janssen has worked at BPD since 2011, firstly as a regional director and for the past two years as managing director of the development activities in the Netherlands. Before joining BPD, he was a local authority councillor and acting mayor for the municipality of Utrecht. From 1 December this year, Harm Janssen will initially combine his work as CEO and chairman of the board with his current position as managing director of BPD in the Netherlands
  • Publish date: 12 September 2023

Walter de Boer, CEO of BPD, confirms: "I'm delighted that we've been able to promote one of our own. After years of working alongside Harm, I'll be entirely confident about handing over my position to him in the next few months. I've seen Harm developing as a highly professional and skilled director over the past 13 years. His knowledge and experience of project and area development, combined with his administrative experience and all associated processes in the public domain, mean that he is the ideal successor for our organisation. The need for new major area developments in the forms of public-private joint ventures is becoming increasingly pressing and urgent. Harm's experience is ideal for facing this challenge." 

Harm Janssen 2023 Bpd Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling

Mariëlle Lichtenberg, member of the Group Board at Rabobank and chair of the General Meeting of Shareholders of BPD, adds: "On behalf of shareholder Rabobank, we're delighted to have been able to appoint Harm Janssen as successor to Walter de Boer. We've got to know Harm over recent years as being an extremely astute managing director of BPD in the Netherlands. Also, his vision extends beyond his own responsibilities and our national borders. At Rabobank, we're convinced that the organisation's activities will keep expanding under Harm's leadership, yielding financial and social benefits alongside each other. Continuity on the managing board is assured from 1 December with the appointment of Harm Janssen as CEO, together with Alianne de Jong (CFRO) and Gea Voorhorst (COO)."

Harm Janssen commented: "I'm truly honoured to be able to take over the leadership and responsibilities from Walter de Boer. I've learned a lot from Walter and other board members over the past few years and I'm really looking forward to joining forces with my other directors, our parent company Rabobank and our workforce in the Netherlands and Germany to set about developing more affordable and sustainable living environments. It's something we really need. We'll continue to do this in close cooperation with our partners in local government, housing corporations and other advisers and stakeholders. The challenges in spatial planning and in the housing market in particular are now larger and more complex than ever before. I'm convinced that we at BPD can really make a difference here, applying our 75-plus years of experience, our knowledge and our skills, in conjunction with our partners. In this way, together we provide affordable homes for everyone and link this to the major challenges surrounding nature and climate."