About BPD

Our company focuses on one of the basic human needs: shelter. This entails a commitment to housing, neighbourhoods and any other residential requirement there may be in the Netherlands and Germany, where we operate as an area developer. We conduct extensive research into these needs, and that research then forms the basis for everything we develop and build.

The Company

BPD is a leading European area developer. Today, more than one million Europeans live in homes and districts that we have built. We believe in creating ‘living environments’ – areas that are alive in their own right, areas that offer space and peace of mind, and also encourage activity on the streets outside.


Our name is associated with both large urban expansion and small-scale residential projects in towns and cities. Working on such wide-ranging projects means that we are an area developer and project developer in one. With more than 20 offices located in economically strong regions, we are firmly rooted in local housing markets.

We have an exceptional professional network and our profound knowledge of consumers allows us to adapt to local residential needs and incorporate them into our plans like no other. BPD, which was founded in 1946, is part of Rabobank. 

Managing Board

The Managing Board of BPD is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The board members are:

Walter de Boer


Carl-Jan Kreikamp


Gea Voorhorst

Director Legal & Compliance

Country Management

BPD is active in the Netherlands and Germany. The country management is:

Walter de Boer

Chairman of the Management Board BPD Ontwikkeling

Franz-Josef Lickteig

Chairman of the Management Board BPD Immobilienentwicklung

Facts & Figures

Turnover in 2018 € 1,8 billion
Homes sold in 2018 10,100
Homes sold since 1946 350,000
Homes in portfolio 70,000
Number of employees 600
The Netherlands
Homes sold past 10 years 43,000
Amount sold in 2018 5,500
Homes sold past 10 years 11,500
Amount sold in 2018 2,100


Since being founded in the Netherlands over 70 years ago, we have developed in excess of 350,000 homes and residential areas. More than one million Europeans now live in the areas that we have developed.

Post-World War II, the Netherlands was facing huge shortages, including a lack of affordable housing. Happy couples saw no other option than to postpone their wedding and newlyweds were often forced to move into the poorly insulated back room of a relative’s house. A far cry from perfection, where conversations were often hushed to whispers. It is in this setting that the idea arose to establish building funds, municipal funds meant for the financing of new housing. Bouwspaarkas Drentsche Gemeenten (Building Fund of the municipality of Drenthe) becomes our first name.

Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten becomes our second name, due to the enormous interest that is sparked throughout the country by our contribution to reducing the housing shortage.

In 1993 the organisation expands across the border to Germany, establishing Bouwfonds Immobilienentwicklung. Over the past years, we have climbed to the top 3 in position of area and project developers and have developed over 8,500 houses. In Germany, we focus mostly on urban areas, which we develop from 8 regional offices.

A volatile market changes constantly and when, at the turn of the century, the Dutch government no longer considered building houses as one of its core tasks, our traditionally semi-government organisation was acquired by ABN AMRO, a major Dutch bank.

In France we acquire renowned project developer Marignan Immobilier  which today continues under the name Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier. With six regional offices and fifteen local agencies, Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier has developed nearly 30,000 houses and approximately 100,000 m2 in commercial property.

From 2006 until 2017 BPD is a subsidiary of Rabobank, as part of Rabo Real Estate Group. This ensures BPD of a strong financial position and provides a source of international knowledge and experience.

To further enhance its position in economically powerful regions, BPD opens its latest office in Berlin. This office brings the total amount of offices BPD has to thirty in the core countries of the Netherlands, France and Germany.

In January, the name Bouwfonds is changed tot BPD, hereby enforcing the organisation’s drive to position itself as a European area developer.

On 1 July 2017, BPD becomes a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank. As a result BPD can give further shape to its strategy aimed at providing a powerful growth perspective. 

BPD’s head office and one of its Dutch regional offices are relocated to the former Burgerweeshuis orphanage in Amsterdam. The monumental building has then undergone an extensive transformation and renovation.  On 15 November 2018 BPD sells its French subsidiary BPD Marignan.

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