3 mid-priced rental examples

The Netherlands has a shortage of housing, particularly so in the mid-priced rental segment. BPD, in all projects to which it contributes, is looking for opportunities to also develop in this category. Three practical examples.
BPD nieuwbouw Kop van Wagenweg in Purmerend
Kop van Wagenweg, Purmerend

Located in the shadows of Amsterdam, Purmerend has grown into a mature city in recent years, partly owing to the Weidevenne extension location. The focus is now also on inner-city developments. The Kop van Wagenweg project is one such example. It transforms a former business park into a mixed habitat. Here, BPD is developing a varied apartment complex of between 460 and 500 homes. The distribution is in accordance with the formula used by the municipality of Purmerend: 30% social housing, 30% mid-priced rental homes and 40% non-subsidised owner-occupied homes. The storage units, the former car garage and other buildings will be demolished and the traffic layout will be restructured. The more than 150 mid-priced rental apartments are, by Purmerend standards, a relatively substantial expansion within this category. In doing so, they contribute to the acute shortage in this specific region. Work is currently underway on making the necessary changes to the zoning plan. Realisation of Kop van Wagenweg is expected to be completed in the next two years.

Park 070 Leidschendam Voorburg Singelwoningen
Park070, Voorburg

Wedged between The Hague and Leidschendam and the A4 and A12 motorways, Voorburg is considered an expensive municipality of residence where few mid-priced rental apartments have been built in recent decades. The small group of homes in that category, developed in the 1980s, were set up so spacious at the time that they have risen above this segment due to indexation and changing market conditions. The 55 mid-priced rental homes that BPD is currently developing in Park070 are therefore more than welcome. The total plan comprises 229 homes in a green and pedestrianised environment, on the site of the colossal, former CBS office building. The 55 houses consist of 35 apartments and 20 periscope houses divided across two floors. The two floors lie crosswise one above the other. As a result, one floor offers a view of the inner garden, the other of the public park. Thanks to the proximity of Laan van NOI railway station, Park070 benefits from fast public transport connections with Rotterdam and The Hague Central Station. Residents can park their (shared) cars in the former basement of the CBS office.

Holland Park West Diemen BPD 001
Xplore, Diemen

Diemen is still an independent municipality but as a direct neighbour of Amsterdam, it shares the same problems in the local housing market, namely rising prices, which means that the middle class is squeezed out. The Xplore development of 706 homes, 46% of which are owner-occupied homes, comprises a significant supply of 170 mid-priced rental homes for this specific target group. These are two-storey houses, which form the lowest floors of an apartment building. This makes them suitable for families and allows for children to play outside. Xplore is perfectly suited for children to play outside. The project takes its name from the plan: four residential areas intersected by an ‘X’ of green strips, watercourses, trees and an embankment. This small future district forms a partly green connection between the large Holland Park development of 1,500 homes and the Diemen student campus. The possibilities for social connection are also being investigated, for example, by setting up a community centre where students can tutor the children from Xplore and Holland Park in the form of extra lessons.