Annual Report 2018

The year 2018 was an outstanding one for area developer BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development). Last year, BPD sold more than 10,000 homes in the Netherlands, Germany and France. In the Netherlands, BPD developed 5,500 homes in more than 130 municipalities across the country. The company sold more than 2,100 homes in Germany, while in France the total was 2,500. This brings the total number of homes sold since BPD was founded in 1946 to more than 350,000. More than one million people now live in a home developed by BPD.
  • Publish date: 7 March 2019
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In 2018, BPD’s total revenues rose to €1.8 billion. Net profit for the same year increased by 16% compared to 2017 and totalled €186 million. This figure excludes one-off gains of €53 million, which took the total net profit for 2018 to €239 million. Walter de Boer, BPD’s CEO, commented as follows: “In 2018, BPD grew not only in figures and size but also in terms of quality and competitive strength. The number of homes sold in Germany was at record level. In November 2018, we parted with our French subsidiary, BPD Marignan. The revenue resulting from the sale of BPD Marignan is contributing to a strengthening of our position in Germany and supporting the growth plans we have for that country.”

Driving towards housing affordability and availability

“These results do not take away from the fact that we are operating in a housing market in which it is more and more difficult for many people to find what they are looking for,” continued De Boer. “Pressure on the market increased in urban conurbations in particular. Specifically, those households with an income between one and two times the average are regularly losing out. This is one of the reasons why we see it as our task to work on the long-term affordability and availability of housing, and in 2019 this will be something we will be driving for through suitable area development projects.”


“The prospects for 2019 are certainly positive, both for BPD and the sector as a whole,” added De Boer. “At the same time, the sustainable affordability and availability of housing is set to remain a major social issue. BPD will continue to focus on creating inclusive residential environments. In other words, we will continue to pay full attention to the physical, spatial and social aspects of housing. In doing so, we will need to demonstrate authority and leadership.”