Project 05/23

World Food Center

Ede, the Netherlands

About World Food Center

Over the next few years, BPD, Van Wijnen, GREEN Real Estate and the Municipality of Ede are transforming the site on which the Maurits-Zuid barracks once stood into the World Food Center. This will become a vibrant, nature-enhancing area with over 700 homes and 50,000 square metres of commercial property. The landscape is the pivotal element in all of this: the World Food Center is to become an environment that blends in with its natural surroundings, rather than the other way around. The first residential area (De Veluwse Proeftuin) will be built on the edge of the woods in a low-traffic environment. The apartments will be constructed using natural materials in natural colours. The World Food Center will be the place to be for consumers, businesses, knowledge institutions and government authorities for everything relating to nutrition, and will be closely connected to Wageningen University, the Municipality of Ede and Food Valley. Completion of the area as a whole is planned for 2030.

World Food Center in numbers

50,000 m2
commercial property
student homes
280,000 m2
former army base
World Food Center Bpd Web 20210607 WFCED 08 Ext Cam10
World Food Center IN BEELD Uitzicht Woningen Veluwse Proeftuin 3840 X 2160
World Food Center Bpd Web 20210607 WFCED 08 Ext Cam6
World Food Center Nieuwbouw Ede Veluwse Proeftuin Appartement
World Food Center Bpd Web 20210607 WFCED 08 Ext Cam13
IN BEELD Verticale Tuinen 2048 X 1536
IN BEELD Nieuwbouw Ede Veluwse Proeftuin Appartement 2048 X 1536

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