Project 21/23


Delft, the Netherlands

About PoortMeesters

On the edge of the historic centre of Delft, PoortMeesters is emerging. This is a robust-looking urban residential building comprising of 114 large, age-in-place dwellings and luxurious apartments. Attractive Delftware gates with steps afford access to the largest climate-neutral enclosed garden in the Netherlands. Here, residents can experience peace and quiet, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. The water regime system in the enclosed garden will be a uniquely circular one. All of the rainwater will be collected on site, with more than 80% of it being reused for sprinkling the enclosed garden. Completion from 2022 onwards.

PoortMeesters in numbers

500,000 l
of rainwater storage capacity
2,000 m2
enclosed garden
Delftware tiles
05 MIJLPAAL02 Nieuwbouw Delft Poortmeesters Tuin
01 HEADER Poortmeesters Delft Gracht
06 01 INBEELD EXTRA Poortmeesters Delft Poort
04 QUOTE OM Poortmeesters Delft Binnentuin
06 02 INBEELD EXTRA Poortmeesters Delft Stadswoning 3 Laags Straat
06 03 INBEELD EXTRA Poortmeesters Delft Stadswoning 3 Laags Straat Doorsnede

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