Project 04/23


Cologne-Lind, Germany

About Klimaschutzsiedlung

In Cologne-Lind, BPD is developing one of 100 climate-neutral housing estates that complies with the guidelines for sustainable housing published by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Affordable and sustainable single-family dwellings and apartments will be located around a low-traffic field. The mobility concept associated with the project includes shared cars and cargo bikes, along with a central delivery point to keep traffic as a result of deliveries to a minimum. Completion is planned for 2025.

Klimaschutzsiedlung in numbers

terraced houses, 40 inexpensive
rental homes, 2/3 subsidized or at reduced prices
size of the plot
circa 115
until 145 m² living space per family house
BPD Klimaschutzsiedlung Senkelsgraben
BPD Klimaschutzsiedlung Senkelsgraben Lageplan

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