Project 14/23

Karolinger Höfe

Düsseldorf-Bilk, Germany

About Karolinger Höfe

In three consecutive phases, BPD has transformed an industrial site in Düsseldorf’s Bilk district, close to the city centre, into an attractive residential area. This development benefits from being situated both close to the city centre and in a very green environment. In total, the project comprises of 323 dwellings of various sizes and scales, in green surroundings and with a green enclosed garden on the banks of the river Düssel.

Karolinger Höfe in numbers

rental apartments of which 18 are subsidized
plot area
owner-occupied homes
120 mio
total investment
BPD Karolinger Hoefe Aussen C6 160822
BPD Karolinger Hoefe Aussen C5 160822
BPD Karolinger Hoefe 160815 Aussen Blauestd C7 01
Header Karolinger Hoefe

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