Project 10/23

Ingelheimer Gärten

Darmstadt, Germany

About Ingelheimer Gärten

A total of 245 new owner-occupied apartments, ranging from one to five-room homes, are being built on a former municipal site in Darmstadt. Characterising Ingelheimer Gärten are its spacious green outdoor areas. ‘Parkside living, with your own park on your doorstep’ is the idea. The city centre is just 12 minutes away by bike. High-level urban design and modern architecture are creating an exceptional living environment. At the same time, a sustainable social mix of affordable and more expensive housing is being achieved. Completion is scheduled for 2020-2023.

Ingelheimer Gärten in numbers

owner-occupied apartements, 15% subsidized
minutes from city centre by bike
total living space, including 2,750 m² for affordable living
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