Project 22/23

Charlottes Garten

Hannover, Germany

About Charlottes Garten

An exceptional property full of architectural excitement is being built in Hanover. After elaborate modernisation and extensive renovation work, the former Landesfrauenklinik Hannover will become a residential quarter of a special kind: Charlottes Garten, inspired by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of King George III, who established the "midwife training institute with maternity home". The basic features of the grounds and the historic wall enclosure will be preserved. The ensemble of houses will include not only the listed classicist central building of the clinic, but also an attached former chief physician's villa and the former chapel. The flats in the listed old building will have a special flair with high ceilings, a historic staircase and historically recreated windows. Supplemented by five new modern apartment buildings and embedded in a park landscape, a unique new residential quarter with contrasting architecture will be created.

Charlottes Garten in numbers

owner-occupied flats in old building
owner-occupied flats in new building
subsidised rental flats
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