Our approach

Taking an integrated approach to every area development, we are committed to affordability and sustainability, so that we create inclusive living environments with a comprehensive focus on physical, spatial and social dimensions. We operate based on our social belief that everyone is entitled to a comfortable home in a pleasant living environment. We will continue to pursue our ambition of providing affordable and comfortable housing for many generations to come.
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We develop full serviced areas

BPD develops areas and districts where people can lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. These  are vibrant areas: they are easily accessible by bicycle, car and/or public transport and designed for different target groups, offering affordable and energy-efficient homes. It is BPD’s ambition to create high-quality residential environments. Building density in urbanised areas and the  transformation of occupied and vacant properties will continue to play a key role in achieving the housing mission over the coming period. What is not self-evident is that these solutions will  adequately cover the demand for housing. Thanks to continuous applied market research and in- depth interaction with clients, we know exactly what people want in a home. Our research tells us that not everyone is interested in urban living. We are also seeing demand for housing on the  outskirts of cities or in the countryside. We can only meet this demand if we develop fully serviced areas, in which the social mission, the common interest and individual housing requirements  come together. Together with our partners, we always seek to strike a balance between all  individual interests in order to achieve the best overall result. Given today’s vast and complex building landscape, we believe that our fully serviced approach offers the best opportunities for  the successful development of cities and areas. 

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We are committed to sustainable and responsible development

BPD’s ambition is to contribute to making society more sustainable. The energy transition, the  circular economy, climate change adaptation and health and well-being in the built environment  are our guiding principles, both in transforming urban areas and in developing new-builds. That is why, last year, we reviewed our sustainability strategy and formulated concrete KPIs to go with it (for details, see the chapter on internal developments). Sustainable area development requires a  broad, all-encompassing and expert perspective. What we focus on in this process is how the  client ultimately plans to use the property. For this reason, BPD works in close collaboration with local authorities to devise climate-proof solutions at the area level. We link sustainable product applications to personal benefits for residents, such as lower housing costs through energy  efficiencies. 

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We develop affordable housing

BPD believes that housing should be available and remain attainable for all, whether in or outside  urbanised areas. We see it as our social mission to provide affordable housing and to ensure that  housing remains affordable, both now and in the future. That is why we created the BPD  Woningfonds at the end of 2019. The Fund invests in sustainable, affordable apartments and single-family homes for middle-income earners. Through the BPD Woningfonds, we actively  contribute to the ambitions of local authorities and housing associations to give more people  access to affordable housing. This matters now more than ever because more and more people are moving to the city. The trend towards urban agglomeration can be seen in the Netherlands  and Germany, as well as in the rest of Europe. Demographic and economic trends have caused  demand for housing to exceed supply, which has far-reaching implications for the affordability of housing.