BPD is a leading European area developer and operates in the Netherlands, France and Germany. Today, over one million Europeans live in homes and areas that we have created.

Living environments

At BPD we want to contribute to the development of ‘living environments’, areas that are alive in their own right. Places that offer space and peace of mind but also encourage activity on the streets outside and where people take pleasure in their homes and their community. We stand for high quality developed areas, and we consider every possible aspect that affects the joy people will derive from their living environment. From designing public areas to landscaping plans. From architectural diversity and harmony to safety and accessibility.

Maarssen, Op Buuren

Würzburg, Mönchpark
The Frauenland-Mönchberg district is generally considered one of the most appealing residential areas in the city of Würzburg.

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Enjoying where we live is crucial to our overall happiness. And for the majority of people, the most important place in the world isn’t the White House in Washington DC, but their own home, in their own street, in their own neighbourhood and town. Our house is our private kingdom. It is the only house on earth that we call ‘home’. Where we can unwind after a busy day and recharge our batteries so we can face everything life has in store for us.


We develop integral residential areas and small-scale multifunctional projects that combine a high quality of life, housing and recreational options. We also ensure that necessary amenities are available, ranging from schools to healthcare facilities and from stores to appealing public spaces. In development processes, which often take years, we are a stable, financially sound partner.

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Paris, Canal Square

"An appealing neighbourhood is like a family movie, ‘suitable for all ages’."

Reference projects

  • Frankfurt, Europaviertel

    In Frankfurt the site of a former freight depot is being transformed into a new city district.

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  • Paris, Canal Square

    Canal Square is a quiet neighbourhood with a view of the Canal de l’Ourcq.

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  • Amsterdam, Oostpoort

    Oostpoort will offer an attractive variety of residential, shopping, business, sport and cultural activities.

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  • Hamburg, Winterhude

    A nice blend of rental and owner-occupied houses at a prominent location in Hamburg-Winterhude.

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  • Marseille, Les Chlorophylles

    The project Colline Harmonie consists of 41 apartments, ranging from one to four room apartments, and 9 terraced houses, each with their own patio or balcony, bathed in light.

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  • The Hague, Wateringse Veld, De Binnentuinen

    Winding streets and lanes, water features and a landscape dotted with lush green plots. Houses that aren’t lined up rigidly but move with the curves and bends in the street instead.

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  • Würzburg, Mönchpark

    Seven apartment buildings with a total of 99 owner-occupied apartments will be developed on the ca. 21,600 m² property. All seven buildings are situated on their own plot.

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  • Boulogne-Billancourt, So Park

    Every apartment has its own balcony. The patios on the top storeys offer an outdoor space with a magnificent view of Paris and Meudon.

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  • Nijmegen, Waalfront, Handelskade

    The Handelskade is comprised of an ensemble of attractive buildings arranged around an intimate, green courtyard.

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