Würzburg, Mönchpark

The Frauenland-Mönchberg district is generally considered one of the most appealing residential areas in the city of Würzburg. A section of the site of a former military hospital is the setting for a new neighbourhood. Within the scope of an urban planning competition and in collaboration with the municipality of Würzburg, a residential project was developed which does justice to this high quality area.

Selection of the building concept focused on the presser vation of the park-like character and the creation of a beautiful view. Both architectural form and language and distributed order of the apartment buildings on the site make this possible. New landscaping and the conservation of the existing tree population have given the area a vast, green diversity and a park-like character. The preserved natural stone walls and the existing fountains, combined with new park features such as benches and seating circles lend the neighbourhood even more charm.

Seven apartment buildings with a total of 99 owner-occupied apartments will be developed on the ca. 21,600 m2 property. All seven buildings are situated on their own plot.

number and type of units
99 owner-occupied apartments

extra facilities

Architekturbüro Wallner

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