Rotterdam, de Sax

Jazzy towers get the pier swinging

De SAX, two towers with a ‘floating hotel’, is set to become the new gem on the Rotterdam skyline. De SAX provides a somewhat playful and varied facade where the celebration of one’s living environment is clearly visible. The impression of improvisation is set, just like jazz.

500 apartments

The two residential towers Philadelphia and Havana together will consist of over 500 owner-occupied and rental apartments. Glass bay windows in a highly varied rhythm determine the jazzy look and provide a view into the apartments behind the facade. Residents are treated to beautiful rooms with panoramic views of the city, and sometimes glimpses of the neighbours. The ’floating’ hotel connects both towers, and in addition to hotel rooms houses a restaurant, sky bar, roof terrace, congress rooms and a gymnasium. Residents of The Sax will have exclusive access to the hotel’s attractive facilities.

Extensive bicycle storage

Another striking feature is the relatively small parking facilities and very extensive bicycle storage. People who want to live in the city increasingly use bikes as a form of transport, resulting in decreased car use. Practically the entire ground floor consists of commercial premises with cafes, restaurants and shops. This creates a very attractive plinth, vibrant and metropolitan. The Sax is expected to require an investment of over €200 million.

Rotterdam, de Sax

The Netherlands


Project name
De Sax

Number and type of units
over 500 owner-occupied and rental apartments

Extra facilities
- 150 hotel rooms
- 3.000 m² commercial premises

Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV, Rotterdam)

Start construction