Roermond, OolderVeste

Land and building development

In the year 2000, order to take pressure off of the Roermond housing market, the city council, in consultation with BPD, started to look into an area situated in the winterbed of the river Maas. In view of the floods that occurred in the 1990's, safety is of utmost  importance. BPD was granted the privelege to develop the location, which involves both the land and building development.


In order to raise the plan area by 2 metres and to construct dikes, some 50 procedures have to be followed.  But the right technical operations alone are not enough: the many questions of the (local) residents have to be answered as well. And so we now see the creation of OolderVeste: Roermond’s newest neighbourhood, with almost 900 homes. A varied residential area with a wide range of ambiances.

De Veste

Walled in and higher than the surrounding area is De Veste. And beyond this: De Velden, Bos en Lommer and Living by the Water. These are sub-plans that feature a varied architecture on spacious plots. Striking: more than half of the buyers come from the wider area – up to and including the Randstad conurbation of central-western Netherlands. Its great location, the accessibility and the quality of the plan play an important role in this. Recently, 17 unique dike houses were successfully introduced in the higher segment of the market with plenty of space for buyers to modify their homes according to their personal wishes.


The development of the Drusushoeve adds a totally new dimension to Oolderveste. From their verandas, the residents can enjoy the panoramic views of the Oolderplas. Soon people will be living here on a peninsula in the Oolderplas. The architecture of the houses is characterised not only by the choice of material, but also more significantly the ‘porches’. Large verandas on the front and rear of the houses that are sometimes 4 to 5 steps above ground level. The ‘porches’ are formed through an extension of the living room, which due to the raised position accentuate the wonderful panoramic views over the Oolderplas. A wonderful place to live at all times of the year.

The Netherlands


Project name

Number and types of houses
895 houses
- 50 terraced houses
- 140 building plots
- 25 apartments
- 50 patio houses
- 370 semi-detached houses
- 260 freestanding houses

Extra facilities
- In the neighbourhood: care centre and sheltered accommodation
- In the direct vicinity of the neighbourhood: marina, supermarket, various shops with fresh produce, sports centre, fitness centre, day care centre, primary school.

- Lancée architecten
- Quant architectuur
- AH Smink Architecten
- Wijnen en Co. Architecten
- Maurere United architects
- Kern Architecten

Urban Planner
Bureau Wissing

City Development Award 2008 from the City of Roermond

Start development
End of 2002 (start of elevation)

Start construction

Approx. 2021