Nijmegen, Waalfront

BPD is currently developing the Waalfront between the city centre of Nijmegen and river the Waal, in close cooperation with the municipality of Nijmegen. Over 2,000 homes and various amenities will be created on the spot where the Romans built their forts in ancient times. The first district to be completed will be the Handelskade (trade quay), a lively section of the inner city situated next to the central train station on an inland harbour.

The industrial history of this area serves as the mainstay for its design. Upon completion, there will be over 500 owner-occupied and rental apartments available and commercial units on the ground floor, including restaurants and sidewalk cafes. The high tower along the bank of the Waal is a prominent landmark. The Handelskade is comprised of an ensemble of attractive buildings arranged around an intimate, green courtyard. A parking garage will be realised under the complex.

The Handelskade will be a lively section of the inner city, situated on an inland harbour

The Netherlands


Project name
Handelskade, Waalfront

Number and type of units
530 apartments (owner-occupied, market and subsidised rental)

Extra facilities
Approximately 3.000 square metres of commercial space (including catering)

HvdN architecten, Mulleners + Mulleners Architecten en Vera Yanovshtchinsky architecten

Start of development

Start of construction