Marseille, Les Chlorophylles

Situated in the Hauts de Saint Marthe district in Marseille, Colline Harmonie offers a level of peace and quiet that is reminiscent of the countryside. This living environment has a wealth of amenities and a beautiful view of the city, and is especially popular with residents looking for energy efficient housing. Such housing, carrying the French BBC low energy consumption label (Bâtiment de Basse Consommation), is currently under development in the area.

At the heart of Hauts de Saint Marthe, BPD Marignan is developing the Les Chlorophylles project, surrounded by 12 hectares of greenery. This living environment offers more than tranquillity and living comfort, but also has many amenities such as shops and schools.

The project Colline Harmonie consists of 41 apartments, ranging from one to four room apartments, and 9 terraced houses, each with their own patio or balcony, bathed in light

number and type of units
41 apartments, 9 terraced houses

extra facilities
Energy efficient

Alain Amédéo

start of development

start of construction