Kampen, Reeve

South-west of Kampen, an area for a new residential area will be created through the construction of the 'Reevediep'. The typical IJssel landscape ambiance with panoramic views of attractive water landscapes is a fantastic feature compared with other plans. A maximum of 600 houses will initially be built in Reeve up to 2027, with a potential of a possible 1300 houses in 2042. Reeve is located in Kampen, at 10 kilometres’ distance from the larger city of Zwolle, and its situation is central in relation to access roads.

The Reevediep

The IJsseldelta-Zuid plan, part of the Space for the River IJssel Delta project, provides an integral area development of Kampen combined with flood protection. For safety reasons, a new water connection between the river IJssel and the Drontermeer will be constructed. This high-water channel is intended to transport flood water from the IJssel to the IJsselmeer via the Drontermeer and Vossemeer in the event of extreme weather conditions. This high-water channel is now officially called the Reevediep. With the Reevediep and the associated ‘climate dike’ a new green and water-rich area, which is unique for the region, will be created close to the historical Hanseatic city of Kampen.

The development of the new village of Reeve will create a unique and special water-rich living environment. The plan has been set up in such a way that the experience of living alongside the new part of the IJssel landscape is enhanced as much as possible. Soon people will be able to live on the dike with a view of the expansive IJssel landscape. There will also be possibilities for recreational activities on the Reevediep, around the marina that is to be developed and in Reeve itself. What’s more, many of the houses will be located directly on the water with their own mooring place.


The new village of Reeve will be built on the Reevediep, the new bypass. Due to this unique location on the Reevediep, the connection with the border lakes and the IJsselmeer, the development can offer unique opportunities for recreation on the water. The addition of a network of wide and deep waterways (2.5m), connected to the Reevediep through a lock, allows many of the new plots to be accessed by water. Permanent and movable bridges will also be strategically placed, thereby increasing the accessibility for larger boats.

At various areas along the water there will be public mooring sites, as an addition to the harbour outside the dike. These mooring sites are located primarily along the wider waterways that are accessible to larger boats. Furthermore, there will be the possibility of modifying plots to allow for the mooring of boats. 

The Netherlands


Project name

Start development
2017 (formulating and initiating zoning plan)

Type of project
Area development of a special water-rich living environment

Types of houses
All types of houses are possible

Number of houses per type
- Approximately 160 terraced houses
- Approximately 155 semi-detached houses (project-based)
- Approximately 70 free-standing houses (project-based)
- Approximately 5 waterfront houses
- Approximately 210 free plots of land
- A maximum of 60 apartments - at the expense of land (or water)

Extra facilities
- Maximum 2,500 m² gross floor area for small-scale services
- 800 m² gross floor area for bars and restaurants
- 1,000 m² gross floor area for multifunctional space (info centre, community centre, small-scale sports facilities, etc.)
- 700 m² gross floor area for small-scale services (hairdresser, estate agent, etc.)
- Marina with 70 berths

Involved parties
- Kampen City Council and BPD
- Delva Landscape Architects, Amsterdam