Düsseldorf, Karolinger Höfe

This location was bought by BPD in May 2014 and is situated in the Bilk district, near Düsseldorf Altstadt. At the site of a former car company bought from a property developer, BPD has developed a project with a total of 323 apartments and 340 underground parking spaces, spread out over three successive phases. Bilk is a popular district for those who wish to live close to the inner city but still want to enjoy relative tranquillity and green surroundings. And so it is for good reason that BPD is working on various projects in this attractive, and partly historic, district. The planned blocks on the perimeter will form a future residential area surrounding a common green courtyard and situated on the river Düssel, a tributary of the Rhine from which the city derives its name. The wide variety of apartment sizes in the free-market rental sector as well as a (small) number of social housing units will appeal to a large group of interested parties. In this first phase, 108 apartments, 3 commercial premises and 148 underground parking spaces have already been sold to an investor.

Düsseldorf, Karolinger Höfe



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Karolinger Höfe

Daycare, Retail

Schenk en Waiblinger Architekten

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