Bonn Plittersdorf, Rheinauer Gärten

The city of Bonn is extremely popular among major international corporations. High quality work deserves high quality living; as offered by BPD in its Rheinauer Gärten project. This former United States army base site will see the construction of nearly 300 homes, in a mix of ground floor and stacked houses. BPD has an integral area developer role in this project. In addition to all residential buildings, the development will include realisation of the total public area, including infrastructure and amenities. The urban plan is so flexible that it allows for quick adaptation to the most current market demands.

The houses will be built in appealing small-scaled clusters, surrounded by lush greenery. This means that the project is in complete harmony with the living atmosphere in the immediate area, with the expansive Rheinaue Park and the elegant villas along the promenade on the bank of the Rhine. The area offers peaceful urban living, with Bonn’s city centre only seven kilometres away.

Peaceful urban living, with Bonn’s city centre only seven kilometres away.

Number and type of units
289 ground floor and stacked houses

Extra facilities
5 shop units

a + m Architekten, Planquadrat Elfers-Geskes-Krämer, Pilhatsch Partner Architekten

Start of development
2006 (first stage), 2013 (last stage)

Start of construction
2007 (first stage), 2014 (last stage)