Reference projects

The size of the areas that BPD develops varies enormously. We are responsible for expansion areas for thousands of homes and for apartment complexes in city centres, for villas but also for small plots that provide space for only a few homes. Our working terrain is very large and small and that is why BPD is a project and integrated area developer in one. Below is a small selection of our recent projects.

Rotterdam, de Sax Rotterdam, de Sax Amsterdam, Oosterdokseiland Amsterdam, Oosterdokseiland Düsseldorf, Karolinger Höfe Düsseldorf, Karolinger Höfe Delft, PoortMeesters Delft, PoortMeesters Nijmegen, Waalfront Nijmegen, Waalfront Roermond, OolderVeste Roermond, OolderVeste Kampen, Reeve Kampen, Reeve