Mainz, Südmole

Mainz, Südmole

Südmole: Living on ships on the banks of the Rhine

Extraordinary ship-shaped architecture on a headland surrounded by air, light and water has created a real landmark in Mainz. The six residential buildings are a homage to the former customs harbour area. The buildings known as ‘Südmole-die Schiffshäuser’ are special in many ways: the ship-shaped floor plans share a view over the Rhine and the marina and are located in a car-free area. Underground parking offers Südmole´s residents direct access to the different storeys of the building. Brick fabric integrates the new buildings into their surroundings (historic harbour buildings) and their construction provides 1000-year flood-protection.

Not only are the buildings ship-shaped but even the individual buildings – when viewed from a bird's-eye perspective – are reminiscent of ships. The specific orientation of each building optimises the views offered and minimises shading between the structures.

The ship-like architecture and the orientation of the constructions also serve to create an urban-planning quality that preserves important viewpoints and opens up the view of the island behind, instead of obstructing it with building blocks.

Mainz, Südmole
Mainz, Südmole



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Architekturbüro Langhof

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