10 advantages of newly built housing

Most people who buy, prefer to buy something new. A new car, a new computer. Buying a home is no different. A newly built home has a lot of advantages. We have summed 10 of these advantages up for you here.


New is new. New is a feeling. New is unblemished. New is unscathed. A newly built home has no history. It does not recall the tastes, choices or lives of its previous inhabitants. A new house has nothing but the future, your future. The house is a blank canvas awaiting dialogue and signs. Yours.

Fewer worries

A newly built house is a worry-free home. Everything is new, everything works. Nearly every feature is covered by guarantees and there are hardly any maintenance costs to speak of for the first few years. An older house can turn you into its slave, there is always something to demand your immediate attention. With a new house, you are in control. There are really only three things a new house asks you to do. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

More energy efficient

Over the past 20 years, cars have become much more efficient. And computers have become faster. But construction certainly has not been resting on its laurels either, considering the enormous number of innovations. One of the results is that today’s new house has an energy label rating no lower than an A and is some 30% more energy efficient than homes built around 25 years ago. Efficiency is probably one of the factors you look into when you choose a new car or a new refrigerator. Why not do the same when you want to buy a house?

Financially appealing

As a buyer of a newly built home you will hardly have any maintenance costs because everything is new and covered by guarantees. There are more financial benefits. There is no stamp duty owed for the purchase and the energy bills for a new sustainable house can be up to € 800.- lower per year. These days, everyone is talking about cost-reduction. Buying a newly built home is a guarantee for cutting down on expenses.


For many people, their home is a place to relax. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A newly built home is the perfect place to kick back and unwind. Enjoy life without having to listen to your neighbour playing the piano. Or trying to play the piano. The latest sound insulation technology means that in a newly built house, you can hear something that has become scarce in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands. Silence.

More sustainable

Only sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and techniques are used in the construction of new houses these days. One example is sustainably produced hardwood. And because a newly built house is also much more energy efficient, it can be labelled ‘green’. There is real truth in the phrase ‘protecting our environment starts at home’. None of us buy a new house out of consideration for the polar bear in the arctic. But the bears will definitely appreciate your choice.


New houses are always equipped with professional smoke detectors. And the latest safety locks and latches. So that all people you welcome to your home, doesn’t include burglars. Our newly built houses meet the highest contemporary safety requirements.


‘Old houses are full of character’, some people say. But an alternative statement is ‘old houses are cold.’ They are impossible to heat during winter and cool during sweltering summers. By contrast, new houses always have a constant, comfortable temperature, year-round. They have super insulated glazing. Roofs, walls and facades feature much better insulation than old houses, and often, new builds also have floor heating. 


A new Bouwfonds house is a home in a pleasant environment. Because in addition to developing houses, we are responsible for planning the area in which they are built. Of course that involves teamwork, not in the least with our future residents. This teamwork leads to neighbourhoods that are welcoming, safe and comfortable. With plenty of public greenery, playgrounds, schools, shops, sufficient parking accommodations and a good connection to public transportation.


Buying a newly built home gives you all the freedom in the world. You choose your own bathroom, your kitchen and if you want to install a dormer window, it can be included in the construction work.