BPD develops many thousands of rental properties and privately owned homes in the Netherlands and Germany every year. In addition to our excellent reputation on the private market, we also have extensive experience in project sales to investors.


BPD serves international investors in various countries simultaneously and relies on its considerable expertise for successful project and area development on a European scale. All our markets require the right bespoke expertise relating to funding, property management and fiscal-legal consequences, especially as the circumstances vary by country and area. In our capacity as a large, international and professional company, BPD has the expertise, experience and know-how for offering investors sound, methodical advice and support on all levels.

Tailored solutions

We combine our strong international position with tailored regional solutions and recognise that real estate is essentially a local business. The differences between the housing markets in the Netherlands and Germany are enormous. BPD understands these differences better than anyone else. Thanks to our local presence, we experience and hear about the needs of local consumers and regional market trends first-hand. We maintain strong relationships and close contact with all involved stakeholders. Over the years, we have become deeply rooted in the market, and this serves as the very foundation for our specialisation in regional tailor made solutions.

Fully prepared

Our newly built projects are planned according to the latest insights into area development. We continually invest in market research, concept development, process management and financial engineering. We conduct extensive research into consumer desires and needs, and choose to involve our consumers in the development of innovative housing concepts – for today’s generation and for those of tomorrow.


The Netherlands
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