The scale and complexity of the areas that we develop varies enormously

We are, particularly in the Netherlands, responsible for urban expansion areas with up to thousands of homes, but also for apartment blocks in Munich’s city centre and for the development of the small plot of land at the heart of Amsterdam that will accommodate only a few houses. In that sense the field in which we are active is both very large and very small, and we are a project and an area developer in one. The design and development of new neighbourhoods involves the consideration and weighing of an enormous number of issues.

Area director

Numerous parties are usually involved, including (local) authorities, urban planner, architects and construction companies. Our talent for organisation means that in these development processes, which often take years, we are frequently appointed the role of initiator and director.

Where possible in the development of our new neighbourhoods, we cherish what is already there. The former biscuit factory, the characteristic farmhouse dating back to 1820, the stream lined with majestic oak trees. We believe that to build a house you need a foundation. A new neighbourhood should reflect both the present and the past.

Nürnberg, Tramlofts

We believe that to build a house you need a foundation

Knowledge and research

As one of the largest developers in Europe, besides years of expertise, we also have a wealth of operational know-how. We continue to deepen and broaden that knowledge, constantly in pursuit of innovative methods and solutions.

Market research is an integral part of the commercial processes of our company. We have our own market research department that studies international, national, regional and local property markets. We also research social trends and customer insights.
We gladly share our know-how and experience. That is why we regularly publish our research results about integral area development at home and abroad, along with information about our own projects.

Sharing knowledge

We like to share our knowledge with you. You can read all about it in our publications