Area development is a lengthy enterprise with high financial stakes, and requires superior organisational skills. Therefore, our work is never an individual achievement, but always the result of a team effort. We depend and are dependent on our partners, for whom we have always proven a stable and reliable ally.

Work is Teamwork

Designing and developing residential areas, large and small, is a complex process. It nearly always requires the input of countless parties, including (local) authorities, urban planners, housing corporations, architects and construction companies. BPD is involved in the development of an area from the very start, and frequently takes on the role of initiator and director, often acts as the linking pin. In addition to contributing our own ideas and convictions, we have also mastered the art of appreciating and embracing excellent proposals from our partners. In fact, we do our utmost to bring out the very best they have to offer.

From Suburb …

The scale of the areas we develop varies enormously. We are responsible for creating urban expansion areas that are sometimes comprised of thousands of homes. We always make the quality of the built environment a priority. And carefully consider every aspect that affects this quality: parking spaces, the terrace by the main square. From shops and playgrounds to parks and flowerbeds. Residential neighbourhoods are the stage of life in all its facets, and every spatial consequence of that fact deserves our attention.

Rotterdam, De Sax
Amsterdam, Terrazza

…To Inner City

As the leading urban developer, creating – restructuring or conversion – urban locations is a principal component of our work. Inner city developments are complex because of the limited availability of space and the multitude of interests that must be served. Mobility and social wellbeing are only two aspects that must be taken into account. Our extensive experience allows us to make a long-term contribution to the vitality of our cities.

Enterprising Approach

BPD employs experienced professionals with an enterprising approach and passion for their field. Not only does our organisation possess the flexibility and financial resources necessary to perform at the vanguard of area development, but we also hold profound knowledge regarding the needs of our customers, both private and commercial. We execute extensive research into these needs, the results of which serve as the basis for our product development and marketing and sales strategies.

Mainz, Südmole
Voorburg, Park070

European Orientation

Our regional organisation structure with local management ensures an optimum link with the region. Public administrators and residents alike: we know the people and the market. A connection that is essential to achieving local success. In addition to our strong local roots, our activities are increasingly based on a European orientation and perspective. Where sharing international insights and experiences is key. Allowing our work in Nijmegen or Munich to benefit from the expertise gained from projects in Rotterdam or Berlin.